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               Thoughts from the rim... "Paradigms beware, shift happens."
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Sherwood Monastery Press. A general publisher, specializing in books and notions. Current title: Beginnings by William Meisheid. This novel is a rousing adventure set in Ancient Egypt during the time of Seti I, on the day that the Hebrew baby Moses is put into Nile river.
Sageline Photography. Full-service photographic services. Custom, events, portraits, and weddings done with Sageline professional attention to detail and the customer is always first attitude.
Hands-On Training Workshops for RoboHELP. Please contact us to schedule your onsite or personal training experience.
Indexing Services. We do FrameMaker or Microsoft Word embedded indexing as well as all help environments, especially those using RoboHELP. 
Sageline Consulting. RoboHELP, online information, HTML, FrameMaker and Word indexing, and technical writing, now within secure environments requiring a clearance.
Clients: Who are some of our customers?
The Pie of Prayer: The Historic Christian Parts of Prayer (Publication for Tapestry)

Note: We are available for work on classified projects or in classified environments. Contact us if we can be of assistance.

Thoughts for writers...

  ...on the importance of making your writing concise and readable and of course finishing what you start:
"Once we thought if we sat a million monkeys down at a million typewriters we'd get the works of Shakespeare. Now that we have the Web, we know this isn't true." (Author Unknown)

"Writing is getting started, which is half the battle. The other half is getting finished, which means editing, rewriting, more editing and more rewriting." William Meisheid

Interesting thoughts on Creative Problem-Solving, the lifeblood of help authors, by P. Litus Leave Sageline web site

A humorous article for writers by Scott Cole titled What's in a Word Leave Sageline web site

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