The Pie of Prayer:  The Historical Christian Parts of Prayer
A series of seasonal prayer journals now available from Sageline Publishing and Tapestry

How balanced is your prayer life?  Most modern Christians habitually pray for their own needs (petition) and those of others (intercession) and, less frequently, offer praise and thanksgiving.  However, the ancient Church Fathers identified seven parts of prayer:  adoration, praise, thanksgiving, confession, oblation, intercession, and petition.  Author Bonnie Shannonhouse presents these parts of prayer as the ingredients of a pie, to be blended in careful balance.  Just as too much or too little of one ingredient can spoil a pie, too much or too little of any of these parts can render one's prayer life less effectual.  

The Pie of Prayer is a series of seasonal journals.  Each includes an introduction to the "pie of prayer" concept and a program for a personal retreat, where you can put the Pie into practice.  The heart of each book is the prayer journal for its specified church season, from Advent in early December to the end of Pentecost in late November.  Each day's page includes daily readings taken from various Christian traditions (Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox), plus space to take notes and record your prayers.  

As you become seasoned in the practice of praying through the Pie, you will resemble an experienced baker, whose pies impart joy to the one who brings it to the table and pleasure to the One who receives it there. 




Advent through Epiphany
Advent 1 to Shrove Tuesday
(10 1/2 weeks)*
Available now

Season of Lent
Ash Wednesday to Holy Saturday
(6 1/2 weeks)
Available now 

Easter Season
Easter Day to Pentecost Sunday
(7 weeks)
Available now

Season of Pentecost Volume 1
Weeks 1-9
(9 weeks)
Available now
Season of Pentecost Volume 2
Weeks 10-19
(10 weeks)
Available now
Season of Pentecost Volume 3
Weeks 20-29
(10 weeks)*
Available now

*The seasons of Epiphany and Pentecost vary in length depending on the days of the week upon which Christmas and Epiphany fall, as well as the dates of Ash Wednesday and Easter.  In the year 2001, there are 7 1/2 weeks in the season of Epiphany and 26 weeks in the season of Pentecost; in 2002, Epiphany will last 5 1/2 weeks and Pentecost will last 28 weeks.

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