Student Comments

Heidi Araya - 3 Com
Mr. Meisheid's unique teaching style includes small class size, hands-on learning, and multitudes of tips and tricks that could help make a new online help writer's reputation formidable. In addition, his three-day, intensive format is ideal for this application. Mr.. Meisheid was able to make us comfortable using RoboHELP while instructing us how to write clear and precise online help for end users. This class was undoubtedly the most valuable class I have ever taken. I am not exaggerating when I say that this class was the best investment I ever made--in anything. I highly recommend it. I only regret that Mr. Meisheid does not teach other computer classes I could take.

Nan Blodgett - Continental Airlines
Not only were the materials and instructions covered, but valuable tips and experiences were shared, beyond the normal scope of information. The small class size was good and allowed individual attention and I liked the ability to come early and stay late along with the willingness to give us the extra time.  This was one of the best classes I have attended.

Frank Conner - Contractor
I really liked the personalized instruction without the stiff atmosphere. I also liked the detailed knowledge on organization, design, layout, and tricks. It gave me a very good start to my online help efforts.

Corrin Hagan - Contractor
This was the best training experience I have ever had. I liked the relevant hands-on lessons, personal attention, and small class size. If you want to just push the buttons, then this is not the class for you, but if you want to learn how to make usable help systems then take this class.

James McWilliams, M/A-COM SIGINT Products
The RoboHelp 2000 Introduction and Intermediate course is the best Windows application training I have had the good fortune to participate in. The combination of Mr. Meisheid's RoboHelp background, knowledge, and superior teaching skills makes this a learning experience that goes far beyond the usual button-pushing Windows application classes. This course is not for the faint-hearted. Be prepared to spend an intense three days, with one of the industry's acknowledged experts on RoboHelp, learning the ins and outs of WinHelp authoring. When the course is over, you will be the beneficiary of a rare and valuable learning experience.

Jan Manger - Chesapeake System Solutions
The instructor: Mr. Meisheid is a renaissance man who renders RoboHelp 2000 into digestible portions.
The course: An well-organized workshop presented by an expert in the authoring field.
The results: I genuinely earned a training certificate. Attending the RoboHelp 2000 workshop was intellectually stimulating and thought provoking. Thank you for a life-changing experience.

Mary Moore - Pima County Arizona Superior Court/ITSD
This class is one of the best investments I ever made and exceeded all of my expectations. I learned about design and development of WinHelp to enhance my individual performance as well as that of my organization. You get hands-on experience that will help you understand comprehensive online help systems as well as receive suggestions, tips, tools, and ideas for improving design and development. In a warm friendly environment, this is definitely the place to get hands-on learning. Don't miss it. It is one opportunity you won't forget! - Highly recommend, even if you have to travel as I did.

Derek Thompson - KPMG Peat Marwick
I liked everything about the RoboHELP Total Immersion course. I've only taken one other computer-related class and this was far superior. I liked the informal atmosphere, small class size, emphasis on "How to help author" as opposed to "Let's do RoboHELP" and as a result I feel better prepared. I liked the location - downtown Oella is much better than downtown big city - put me in a more relaxed frame of mind. The materials were comprehensively presented by an obviously knowledgable instructor with comfortable atmosphere and interaction between the instructor and students. I would take the course again. The class was an inspiration to consider Help Authoring as a career path.

Valerie Ko - Millennium Partners
Learning RoboHELP was the easy part, but learning about what constitutes effective online help was something else. If you just want to learn RoboHELP, read the manual; if you want to understand the WinHelp environment and how to really do online help, take Sageline's RoboHELP training class. Recommended.